AUM = INFINITY? Built a MANTRASCOPE to SEE Ancient Sounds! Praveen Mohan

Published on 11/16/21 / In Non-profits & Activism

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Hey guys, is it possible to see Mantras? What is a Mantra? Mantras are sacred sounds mentioned in Ancient Hindu Texts and even today, thousands and thousands of people chant these mantras during meditation, rituals, etc. But is it possible to visually see how these Mantras look?
So my friend and I have been trying to visualize the Mantras and we have built this device and let me show you what this is. It is basically a nice vibrating piece of latex or rubber stretched over the mouth of a long cylinder, and we have put a simple mirror in the center of the latex in front of it. This cylinder is hollow, there is nothing inside, when you look from the other side. Now here is a laser pointer and I am going to adjust the laser to make sure the light falls exactly on the center of the mirror. The light from the laser pointer starts here, hits the mirror and is now reflected on to the wall, ok? The light just looks like a dot on the wall, because the latex is stationary, it is not moving, right?
Now, If make a sound through this cylinder, for example I chant a Mantra, watch what happens to the light pattern on the wall.

When I chant a mantra through this cylinder, the Sound waves move through the air onto this flexible solid which also picks up the waves. Now I have transferred the sound from air to solid medium, because I can see the solid, unlike the air, but I still can't see it clearly. So I have attached this tiny mirror to the flexible latex, so the mirror will also vibrate at the same frequency. So the light that's reflected also changes because of the sound. So the sound waves or frequency sent through the cylinder can be seen visually on the wall.
So, let's try some Ancient Mantra through this device and see how this Mantra looks visually, ok? The mantra I am going to try now is called Shreem, this is the Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi, ok? Shreem. Shreem. Shreem. I believe this is the first time we are visually seeing how ancient Mantras really look. And this is very very interesting to watch, but Because it is not a static frequency, I am basically chanting a mantra which has a beginning and ending, you can see that the pattern appears for a second and then disappear when the Mantra ends right?

Now, I am going to test the sound of Aum Mantra on this device, but before that, Why did I even think of building this Mantrascope? What is a Mantra? A Mantra means uncorrupted or unpolluted sound in its purest form. Mantras are usually chanted 108 times to gain several advantages, there is a specific type of Mantra called Beej Mantras or Seed Mantras, they are considered the seeds of everything. You chant them 108 times, to gain physical strength, to attain a meditative state of mind, and gain a lot of other physical or spiritual advantages.
What is the difference between these Seed Mantras and other sounds? These Mantras are special, vibrating sounds beyond human interpretation, they are pure sounds without any meanings. What do I mean by this?
I am talking to you, right now, these are all sounds I am making with my vocal cords and you are able to understand the meaning of it. Right now, you are only focusing on understanding the meaning of what I am saying. Your mind is not paying attention to the sound itself, because it is busy translating the sounds into meanings. Now suddenly if I say KLEEM SHREEM HROUNG, there is a complete blank in your mind. Your mind is just puzzled. Because there is no meaning for these sounds at all. You no longer look at the meaning itself, and you have to absorb the Sound as it is. And this is the main effect of Seed Mantra, using sound as it is, not the meaning, but the sound itself for the benefit of your mind, your body, and for many other benefits.
The field of Mantra is a very important scientific study done by ancient Indians, they were able to document the effect of pure sounds on the body, the mind, and nature itself.
Ok now let us try Aum and see how it visually looks ok? Because Aum is considered the Mantra of all Mantras. It is considered the frequency of all beginnings and ends. So let me just chant the Aum Mantra through this cylinder and see what happens.
Aum. Aum. Wow. Did you see that? There was an infinity like symbol which appeared. Let's try again. Aum..Yeah that's definitely an infinity like symbol appearing when I chant Aum. I am really excited about this, so I am going to go to my computer and slow this down and see how this footage looks in slow motion, ok?

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